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Sarbakaf Group- A freelance platform for e-publishing services

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Qaafiyah Expert

Patras Ke Mazameen (Android)

AfsaneDB (Android )

OneSignal Push Manager (Android)

AnalyseIt - A tool for opinion mining of product reviews
Naive Chef - Realtime android app for recipes (cloud based)
Smart Dustbin Management - Realtime cloud-based web app to show the dustbins which are full (using sensors)
Cryptography on Hindi+Urdu Texts, Image Stegnography to hide message in an image

Tools & Utilities

Merge Text Files : A simple tool to merge two text files such that the output shows alternate lines from both files. This tool was written on request of a member of Urdu Mehfil forum, where he needed a quick way to combine Quranic arabic text with its corresponding lines of Urdu translation.

I wrote the code in few minutes, so although I've not faced any problem despite its frequent use, it may contain a bug or two. Feel free to ping me if you find one.

Convert Text to HTML Table : This inserts every line from the input into a table cell. This was written originally to make Urdu poetry justification easier (see this launch post on the Urdu blog), but it can be used in general too, so the use isn't confined to its typographic usage. 

It has two options: 

  1. One Column
  2. Two Column

Later on, I automated everything for the poetry justification.

Poetry Justification Snippet : Although the pain of manually writing the poetry in a table was gone, I still had to convert each poetry piece via "Text to HTML table converter." I tried to implement the logic in a single script and tested it on just One Column example. 

Worked like a charm! So I swiftly moved on to implement Two Column as well and the snippet was ready.  

Now to write beautifully justified poetry on your website, you just have to apply a class "sher" and it will automatically

  1. Insert the poetry in html table
  2. Apply the justifications
  3. Apply all the necessary styles to make it stand out

Of course everything is open-sourced, so you can modify the styles as per your need.

Aruuz Bot on Telegram : Experimenting with creating telegram bots, I thought to implement something useful. Telegram's inline bot feature was my actual inspiration, and I was excited to know how cool it would be to use the bot ANYWHERE on telegram, not just while using the bot-in-chat, but in any group, channel or personal chat. I chose Aruuz API and coded a bot as an interface to utilize the basic services it provides. 

(Aruuz is a system to calculate meters in Urdu/Persian/Arabic poetry. )

Related post: Aruuz Bot on Telegram (Launch)

Urdu Text Fixer : It normalizes the Urdu text by converting all the Unicode values in the text into Urdu Unicode Values, which solves major problems like "Can't apply the font" or "Search doesn't work."  The Arabic letters have different values in Unicode standard than that of Urdu ones, and often due to strange reason, like clipboard paste, or simple reason like an outdated/unstandardized keyboard. 

This was originally written by Asad Razzaqi on Urdu Mehfil on my request. I just beautified it and keep using it till date. A very useful tool for quick normalization of text.

Roman to Urdu and  Roman (Hinglish) to Hindi Converter (Via Google) : It uses Google's input tools and quickly replaces all roman words with the first Input Tools suggestion. Originally written by Ibn-e-Sayeed (Sa'ood Aalam) on Urdu Mehfil, this was a quick way to reduce the manual transliteration back in the days. Brother Nabeel on Urdu Mehfil did a similar thing but it was showing the results every word, which was time consuming. This one just collects all the intermediate outputs and merge them to show result.

It was for Roman to Urdu, but I needed the Hindi one, so I just modified the URL to make it work for both. I was naiive and a beginner back then, so don't blame me 😆. I could've just added a radio button to switch between the languages. 

Websites (for professional work) (personal blog, English) (personal blog, Urdu)

Books/ Booklets (Published or in-progress)

  • Nizaam-e-Khanqahi Aur Akaabir-e-Deoband
  • Ghazaliyaat-e-Iqbal (Alif Bai Tarteeb Se)
  • Al Muqtadir (Novel)
  • Khargosh Ki Zahaanat (Kids Story)
  • Hindi (Devanagari) Likhna Padhna Seekhen (Bazariya Urdu)
  • Ashamed... (Translation of Mohiyuddeen Nawab's "Haya Aati Hai")
  • ShakesDiary ("Research" of a teenager, a simple way to square numbers & more)
  • Quick Math (Urdu) using Vedic math and more
  • Do Rangi chhod de (Booklet)
  • Shai'r nahin, achche shai'r baniye (How to be a good Urdu poet)
  • Ya-Seen – 15 Lines with Urdu Translation


Cover pages, logos, poetry etc. (Yet to decide a proper platform to showcase them)
Shakeeb Ahmad Maharashtra, India

Shakeeb Ahmad is a blogger, poet, enthusiast programmer, student of comparative religion and psychology, public speaker, singer and Vedic Maths expert. He loves playing with the numbers and invented a shortcut method to square the numbers at the age of 16. In sports, football is root to his happiness. He lives it.

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