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Those who love reading classic literature can now enjoy literary masterpieces in this beautifully designed app.

My Works

Projects (Implemented or in-progress)

Sarbakaf Group- A freelance platform for e-publishing services
  • Sarbakaf Publications
  • Sarbakaf Magazine (Bi-Monthly)
Urdu Database

Books/ Booklets (Published or in-progress)

  • Nizaam-e-Khanqahi Aur Akaabir-e-Deoband
  • Ghazaliyaat-e-Iqbal (Alif Bai Tarteeb Se)
  • Al Muqtadir (Novel)
  • Khargosh Ki Zahaanat (Kids Story)
  • Hindi (Devanagari) Likhna Padhna Seekhen (Bazariya Urdu)
  • Ashamed... (Translation of Mohiyuddeen Nawab's "Haya Aati Hai")
  • ShakesDiary ("Research" of a teenager, a simple way to square numbers & more)
  • Quick Math (Urdu) using Vedic math and more
  • Do Rangi chhod de (Booklet)
  • Shai'r nahin, achche shai'r baniye (How to be a good Urdu poet)
  • Ya-Seen – 15 Lines with Urdu Translation


Cover pages, logos, poetry etc. (Yet to decide a proper platform to showcase them)

Apps, Tools and Software (including college projects)

Qaafiyah Expert

  • Windows
  • Android

Patras Ke Mazameen (Android, Static app)
AnalyseIt - A tool for opinion mining of product reviews
Naive Chef - Realtime android app for recipes (cloud based)
Smart Dustbin Management - Realtime cloud-based web app to show the dustbins which are full (using sensors)
Cryptography on Hindi+Urdu Texts, Image Stegnography to hide message in an image
Tool to convert text to html table

Websites (for professional work) (personal blog, English) (personal blog, Urdu)
Shakeeb Ahmad Maharashtra, India

Shakeeb Ahmad is a blogger, poet, enthusiast programmer, student of comparative religion and psychology, public speaker, singer and Vedic Maths expert. He loves playing with the numbers and invented a shortcut method to square the numbers at the age of 16. In sports, football is root to his happiness. He lives it.

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