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Friday 12 March 2021

App Release: OneSignal Push Manager - Secure & Free (Android+Web)

OneSignal Push Manager - Secure & Free (Android)
OneSignal Push Manager - Secure & Free
This app helps you manage your app credentials and provides intuitive UI for sending the notifications to your users.


Android app to manage & send push notifications via OneSignal


  • Manage all your apps
  • Stores all your credentials in your phone
  • Offline storage, open-source and hence trustworthy
  • CRUD for app info with lovely UI
  • Simple notepad to save other necessary stuff
  • Send notifications to any of your apps, in any segment
  • From simple heading + message notifs to fancy ones, with icon, banner and extra data to pass-in the app (useful for deeplinks)

User Guide

  1. Get your "App ID" and "REST API Key" from OneSignal Dashboard.
  2. It is recommended by OneSignal NOT to save API key anywhere, therefore our app doesn't save it by default. It's optional.
  3. In the "APPS" section of our app (Push Manager), make a list of app names and IDs.
  4. In the "SEND NEW" section, fill the details and send in a segment of your choice.
  5. Button 1 can be used to send in a segment named 'Test', which you can configure from OneSignal Dashboard for your test devices.
  6. Button 2 can be used to send in a segment named 'All'.
  7. Button 3 can be used to send in any custom segment.
  8. Notepad can be used to jot down & save other necessary stuff.
  9. Profit?

Questions, suggessions and contributions are welcome.

The app is also available as a webapp for testing purposes here:

Shakeeb Ahmad


Shakeeb Ahmad Maharashtra, India

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